uMan ERA – 2013 to 2017
Present uMan ERA band members are Joe Longo (Rhythm / Lead Guitar / Vocals), Phil Bickhart (Rhythm Guitar / Vocals)., Mick Dragons (Bass / Vocals), and Bill Carlo (Drums / Vocals). Past members on recordings are Tom Koop (Big Money, Evil I, One Blue Sky, Bad Decisions Drums / Vocals), Slug Yankowy (Bad Decisions Bass / Vocals) and John Zawicki (One Blue Sky Bass / Vocals). We now have 4 CDs published and to offer, CD1 – BAD DECISIONS, CD2 – ONE BLUE SKY, CD3 (Single) EVIL, I and CD4 – BIG MONEY. These recordings are a good representation of uMan ERA’s live performance and sound, as we recorded our songs as we would play them on stage with very little over dubbing. ‘BAD DECISIONS is us; raw, plain and simple! UMan ERA, ONE BLUE SKY, takes it up a notch with some special effects, enhanced vocal harmonies, and additional sounds with lead guitar on several tracks by Craig McMurray, bass guitar by John Zawicki, and acoustic guitar by Chris Shrive. BIG MONEY is just a great mix of melodic rock styles and covers a broad range of emotions for listeners to enjoy. Other musicians who have performed live with uMan ERA in the past include DUTCH (Bass Guitar), Joe Grainger (Drums), and Michael DeGroat (Bass / Vocals). uMan ERA is a Northeast Pennsylvania based, originals and covers, Rock & Roll Band. The original music performed and produced is written by  band founder, Joe Longo. We are highly influenced by artists like Clutch, ZZ Top, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Motorhead, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Johnny Cash, Brian Setzer, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Rival Sons, and The Masters of Reality. Yet, we have established a sound of our own. We are a high energy band on stage and enjoy the time we spend playing shows at local venues. UMan ERA is available to book club dates, events, concerts, festivals, and parties. We jam independently or often with partner bands, for a dynamic evening of entertainment. 


Joe Longo

Rhythm / Lead Guitar, Vocals

2012 - Present
Band Founder


Phil Bickhart

Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

2016 to Present


Mick Dragons

Bass, Vocals

2013, 2016 to Present


Bill Carlo

Drums, Vocals

2016 to Present


uMan ERA (2016) - EVIL, I Team

Joe Longo, Tom Koop Sr, Phil Bickhart

uMan ERA (2016) - BIG MONEY Team

Joe Longo, Tom Koop Sr, Phil Bickhart

uMan ERA (2015) - ONE BLUE SKY Team

Joe Longo, Tom Koop Sr, John Zawicki, Craig McMurray, Chris Shrive

uMan ERA (2014) - BAD DECISIONS Team

Joe Longo, Tom Koop Sr, Slug Yankowy

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