uMan ERA Single – 2016

Title : EVIL, I
Release Date : April 1, 2016
Format : Digital Download

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uMan ERA – EVIL, I Bio – Copyright © uMan ERA 2016

Evil, I was composed in 2005 by Joe Longo and laid dormant in its original form awaiting a rebirth at some future time. The song was inspired by classic and modern Vampire short stories and novels and went through a punk and a heavy metal version, early on. There was just something more that the song could be to reveal the true nature of the beast! This is Evil, I in its final version, a tale told in a melodic, hard, surf rock / rockabilly fashion with an exotic twist, uMan ERA style! We hope you will enjoy this song as much as we enjoyed producing it! Available now as a single and soon to be included on our next LP album! Evil, I was recorded at SI Studios, Old Forge, PA.

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